#AIChat recap (Monday, November 23rd, 2021)

This is my #AIChat recap with Dr. Ashleigh Kennedy, co-founder and CEO (@Ashleigh_Neuro) from @neurovine_ai. We talked about these topics: A) can you trust AI to be your future dance partner when it comes to your health? B) how can we participate in your project? To help improve the AI? To eliminate data biases? And… Read More

#AIChat recap – Thursday, September 17th with Dave Neway @WatsonAds

Hello! It’s the #AIChat recap (#AIChat is a 10-15 minute Twitter chat on artificial intelligence (AI). My guest(s) help you make sense of the AI world). My guest was Dave Neway, Head of Marketing from IBM Watson. We talked how the department uses AI to help the (1) creative advertising (2) influencer marketing (3) data/emerging technology and (4) entertainment world. Mistakes are mine. Read More