The Weekly Review – How I Saw Technology Impacting the Media and Entertainment world this week

Happy Thursday! Your weekend starts today. Not on Friday. I value your time. This is how I saw technology impacting the media and entertainment world this week (p.s. I tagged the wrong person. My apologies to @HamidAli. I should have tagged @Hamad_Ali): <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>1/2 I ❤️ sharing articles from other industries so you… Read More

Why metadata = card catalogue (welcome to the weekly Thursday “how tech impacted the media and entertainment world” this week).

Happy Thursday! When it comes to research, I have lots of ways of storing the information: A) if I found the information in a newspaper or magazine, I’ll clip the article and file it in a folder. And group it together (eg: technology articles in one pile, fitness articles in another. You get the idea).… Read More

Your weekend starts now (the #AIChat and weekly round up on how tech has impacted the media and entertainment world this week)

It’s Thursday! Your weekend starts now. I will be using today’s #AIChat as my weekly round up on how technology has impacted the media and entertainment world. My guest? Victor Riparbelli (@vriparbelli), CEO and co-founder of SyntesiaIO The topic? How can artificial intelligence help the media/advertising and entertainment world. Mistakes are mine. Have a great… Read More

It’s Feels Like Friday! Welcome to the Week In Review (How Tech Impacted the Media and Entertainment Industry)

It’s Thursday! Welcome to the start of your weekend! And to my week in review on how technology impacted the media and entertainment world this week. Since I missed last week’s post (work is getting in the way), I could have written about this: (P.S. You’re going to see a lot more of these… Read More

Sit back. Grab a coffee. Or protein shake. Your weekend starts now (it’s your week in review on how technology impact on the media and entertainment world)

Happy Thursday! I hope you had a productive week! Your time is valuable. And I respect it. I could post a billion news articles and analyze them one by one, but to be honest with you, everyone else is doing it. I’d rather focus on one article and give you my short analysis on it… Read More

Is it summer or fall yet? Welcome to the weekly media and tech roundup

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having an amazing start to summer (if you live in the northern hemisphere) or fall (if you live in the southern hemisphere). Here’s the one article that impressed me this week when it comes to technology’s impact on the media and entertainment world (it’s written by Ana Nicolaci Da Costa… Read More

It’s Thursday! Your Weekend? It Starts Now.

Happy Thursday! I analyze how technology impacts the media and entertainment industry. Here are the three articles you need to read so you can stay ahead of your competitors. Or you’ll end getting left behind: 1) from Kyle Wiggers: Let’s be honest. Everyone says artificial intelligence will become your next news captioner/reporter etc. But… Read More