In #AI (artificial intelligence) News (Stay tuned for Straight Talk from Nick)

Good morning! I’m not sure whether or not we’ve reached peak artificial intelligence (AI) PR or news today. But it seems that every second or third article you read contains the word “AI” or “5G” (don’t get me started on 5G). Either way, it’s going to be an interesting year. P.S. This pairing (alcohol and… Read More

Has Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impacted Marketing? (Last #AIChat for 2019)

Hi! 2019 has flown by. I know you’re making plans right now to succeed in 2020. Here’s the last #AIChat Twitter chat for 2019. **** Mistakes are mine. **** ————- Your last #AIChat for 2019! Instead of a live #chat with my guest @carynrweiss, we’re looking forward to reading your 💭 to this ? (Caryn… Read More

It’s Feels Like Friday! Welcome to the Week In Review (How Tech Impacted the Media and Entertainment Industry)

It’s Thursday! Welcome to the start of your weekend! And to my week in review on how technology impacted the media and entertainment world this week. Since I missed last week’s post (work is getting in the way), I could have written about this: (P.S. You’re going to see a lot more of these… Read More

What’s a Digital Twin? (#AIChat – Jan 10/19)

My guest? @RobTiffany. The topic? The value of digital twins to model machines, processes and businesses. Mistakes are mine. Not Rob’s. P.S. The goal of #AIChat? To help you cut through the artificial intelligence noise. ** 10 min until #AIChat. Join me from 2PM ET to 2:30PM ET My guest? @RobTiffany. The topic? The value… Read More

No. #AI won’t take over a journalist’s job: #AIChat summary: Jan 11/19

#AIChat is a Twitter Chat where my guest(s) cut through the artificial intelligence. #AIChat session with @the_claus and Professor @NeilMaiden Talking about @inject_en Mistakes are mine. Q1) How does @inject_eu work? #AIChat — Nick Tang (@nickhtang) January 11, 2019 A1 So, INJECT is a new digital tool to support journalists to write more original… Read More

Welcome to 2019. Is it Time to Tax the Artificial Intelligence and Robots Who Take our Jobs?

This is the first unofficial #AIChat for 2019. #AIChat is a Twitter chat that helps you demystify artificial intelligence. This topic? Started by @JBarbosaPR. Should #AI and #robots pay taxes? Mistakes are mine. Not @JBarbosaPR There has to be a clear intent to make #AI & #Robots pay taxes . Beware, To the masses its… Read More

If you don’t get #digitaltransformation and #AI right…Watch out

#AIChat is a Twitter chat. My guest(s) cut through the artificial intelligence (AI) noise. To help you make sense of the AI world. On December 13/18, my guest was Shane Fogle (@fogle_shane). The topic? Artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Here’s the summary of this AIChat (P.S. Mistakes are mine): This is only the question we’ll… Read More

No. The Robot nor Artificial Intelligence will take over the advertising industry (#AIChat summary from November 21/18)

#AIChat is a Twitter chat that helps you demystify the artificial intelligence world. My guest on November 21st? Emma Cunningham (@EmmaCunningham is her Twitter handle). An ad strategist. The topic? Can artificial intelligence and the ad strategist work together? P.S. Mistakes are mine. Here’s question #1 for @EmmaCunningham: Where does the human strategist have an… Read More