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It’s Feels Like Friday! Welcome to the Week In Review (How Tech Impacted the Media and Entertainment Industry)

It’s Thursday!

Welcome to the start of your weekend!

And to my week in review on how technology impacted the media and entertainment world this week.

Since I missed last week’s post (work is getting in the way), I could have written about this: (P.S. You’re going to see a lot more of these articles in the future).

Or this: (Written by Bhasker Gupta)

Or this: (Written by Conor Grant. P.S. The big picture if you create TV shows or movies? You too can use OTT to get more viewers. And $$$)

Or this: (Written by Jenny Priestly. Your key idea? Facebook is diversifying it’s revenue streams by partnering with others to show their content in 10-15 minutes short stories. Another example of technology companies partnering with others).

But I’ll focus on this article written by Professor Nicholas Diakopoulos:


There’s a lot of noise when it comes to artificial intelligence and how it’s being used in the media and entertainment field.

In some cases, you’ll read that artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs being done by humans (eg: editing) as the software learns what to keep. Or delete (the key idea you need to remember? It’s all about the metadata. And how humans are helping the artificial intelligence by placing it in the right category. To help the artificial intelligence software learn).

Me? I love being the contrarian. Artificial intelligence won’t replace humans in the media and entertainment industry. In fact, the software will help humans at work. By doing all the boring work so you can focus on the “why”.

One example off the top of my head? Let’s pretend you’re a Research Analyst at a cable network (I used to be one a few years ago). Each day, you have to download the Nielsen TV ratings. And open it into an Excel spreadsheet so you can analyze it. What happens if you create an artificial intelligence software that can do this for you? So it can automatically download and sort the data for you? In the way you want it? That save you time?*

Once this is done, you can start looking for the “why”. For instance, you look at the data and see that cable network Y had a rating of Z. Now you can start examining why -> was it because there was a national weather event that made people watch channel Y? Breaking news? Other?

That’s what you (and humans) excel in. Finding the “why”. Connecting the dots. Looking beyond the data to examine other factors.

That’s the big picture you need to focus when you read about technology’s impact on the media and entertainment world (or in any other field to be honest with you).

See you next Thursday! Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

P.S. * I will apologize if this already being done.








What’s a Digital Twin? (#AIChat – Jan 10/19)

My guest? @RobTiffany. The topic? The value of digital twins to model machines, processes and businesses. Mistakes are mine. Not Rob’s. P.S. The goal of #AIChat? To help you cut through the artificial intelligence noise.


No. #AI won’t take over a journalist’s job: #AIChat summary: Jan 11/19

#AIChat is a Twitter Chat where my guest(s) cut through the artificial intelligence.
#AIChat session with @the_claus and Professor @NeilMaiden
Talking about @inject_en
Mistakes are mine.

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Welcome to 2019. Is it Time to Tax the Artificial Intelligence and Robots Who Take our Jobs?

This is the first unofficial #AIChat for 2019.

#AIChat is a Twitter chat that helps you demystify artificial intelligence.

This topic?

Started by @JBarbosaPR.

Should #AI and #robots pay taxes? Mistakes are mine. Not @JBarbosaPR




















If you don’t get #digitaltransformation and #AI right…Watch out

#AIChat is a Twitter chat.

My guest(s) cut through the artificial intelligence (AI) noise.

To help you make sense of the AI world.

On December 13/18, my guest was Shane Fogle (@fogle_shane).

The topic? Artificial intelligence and digital transformation.

Here’s the summary of this AIChat (P.S. Mistakes are mine):

No. The Robot nor Artificial Intelligence will take over the advertising industry (#AIChat summary from November 21/18)

#AIChat is a Twitter chat that helps you demystify the artificial intelligence world.

My guest on November 21st?

Emma Cunningham (@EmmaCunningham is her Twitter handle). An ad strategist.

The topic? Can artificial intelligence and the ad strategist work together?

P.S. Mistakes are mine.

Summary of #AIChat (Wednesday, November 7th, 2018)

#AIChat is a Twitter chat on artificial intelligence.

Its purpose? To demystify artificial intelligence (AI)

Today’s guest?

Professor Marian Mazzone (her Twitter handle? @MarianMazzone), Associate Professor, Modern and Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston (the College’s Twitter handle? @CofC).

The topic? Talking AI and art. Based on this article:

P.S. Mistakes are mine.

P.P.S. Professor Mazzone’s websites:

Here’s a summary of Professor Mazzone’s #AIChat:









#AIChat Summary -> Wed. Oct 24th, 2018

#AIChat is a 60 minute Twitter chat on artificial intelligence (AI).

Where my guest cuts through the AI noise.

To give you actionable advice you can use at work.

Today’s guest? Tricia Howard. Tricia is the best when it comes to #cybersecurity. She works as @Optiv. And you can read her cybersecurity articles on her website: Or from her Twitter account (@TriciakicksSass)

The topic? AI and cybersecurity.

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Summary of #AIChat (Tuesday, May 1st, 2018)

#AIChat is a 60 minute monthly chat on artificial intelligence.

Where our guest(s) help you make sense of the artificial intelligence (AI) world.

To give you or your company ideas on how to use AI. At work. Or home.

This is a summary of #AIChat with @pchalasani, Chief Scientist @mediamath. Talking #AI #programmatic #marketing #ads #adtech

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Summary of #AIChat on September 6th, 2018

#AIChat is a 60 minute monthly Twitter chat on artificial intelligence.

Where my guest(s) help you make sense of the artificial intelligence world.

To give you artificial intelligence ideas to use at work. Or at home.

September’s guests? Professors Yannakakis and Togelius. The experts in artificial intelligence and gaming.

When you click on the link, you’ll have a recap of the chat:


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