The Three. El Tres. Le Trois

It’s the Tuesday edition. Writing about (1) South Korean cinemas (contact free technology) (2) hair styling technology (3) humans: 1 billion, AI:0 and (4) tricep and abs workout Read More

Is it summer or fall yet? Welcome to the weekly media and tech roundup

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having an amazing start to summer (if you live in the northern hemisphere) or fall (if you live in the southern hemisphere). Here’s the one article that impressed me this week when it comes to technology’s impact on the media and entertainment world (it’s written by Ana Nicolaci Da Costa… Read More

Don’t get left behind. Why you need to consider using artificial intelligence and voice assistants (re: marketing)

#AIChat is a Twitter chat on artificial intelligence (AI) My guest(s) cut through the AI noise. To give you ideas you can use. Right now. At work or home. Today’s guest? @therednickm The topic? How artificial intelligence can be used in marketing. P.S. I hate wasting my guest(s) time. And yours. That’s why today’s #AIChat… Read More

Do you want to be left behind artificial intelligence, marketing and PR world?

#AIChat is a 30 minute Twitter chat on artificial intelligence. My guest(s) cut through the artificial intelligence noise. To help you make smarter decisions. On Tuesday, February 26th, 2019, my guests were @PRKezza and @mpfalangi. The topic? Artificial intelligence in the Public Relations world. **** Mistakes are mine. ***** Here’s Q1 for @mpfalangi and @PRKezza:… Read More